I left Lularoe for Piphany one year ago. How's it going?

Jamie Ward

t's been one year...

It's been one full year that I made the switch from Lularoe to Piphany, then Honey and Lace. So you may be reading this because you're curious how it is going. I'm still here as a Piphany Stylist BUT...

The honest truth is that there's been A LOT of change since I started a year ago. Piphany is a very different company today than it was a year ago when I first started. We went through a name change from Honey and Lace to Piphany, and I have completely changed the way I run my business. BUT I'm happy! (Keep reading)

I recently created this video talking about HOW I made the switch from Lularoe to Piphany a year ago. If you're looking at making a similar change, you'll WANT TO check this out https://youtu.be/hE0LVZr186I.


So how are things different?

For starters, I am now a Senior Fashion Leader with Piphany. Not only do I run a team of 40 Stylists, but I take pride in helping them be as successful in their Piphany businesses as they can be. I'm always trying to think of ways to help my team grow, trainings, brainstorming sessions, helping them set goals, etc... I really enjoy it!

Next, we have the retail carousel. What the heck is that?

It's something that NOBODY else in our direct sales industry is doing. My customers can pick the exact print they want in their size and Piphany ships it direct to them! From the words of Joey Lawrence, WOE!! lol. This saves me SO MUCH TIME! Oh, and Piphany ships to my customers for FREE!!!!

Want to check out this retail carousel for yourself? Join my shopping group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/jmbfashions

Next up is samples.

Piphany allows Stylists to purchase samples prior to the release of new styles. THIS HAS BEEN HUGE! I am working towards only carrying a sample inventory for my customers. This means I don't have a giant inventory anymore. I still have inventory in my home, BUT I'm working to reduce it so I only have 1 in each size/style. This has been somewhat of an adjustment for my customers, but so far they all love the Piphany retail carousel and I love that I am saving time taking photos and don't need to make space for a large inventory anymore.

There's much more, but for now I'll leave you with the last big change.

When I was with Lularoe, there were a few new styles every so often. Half a dozen a year? But now with Piphany we get 10 BRAND NEW STYLES EVERY MONTH!! Holy crap. Take that in for a second. 10 NEW styles EVERY month! Every week we get 2 or 3 new styles so I'm consistently introducing new styles to my customers. They love it and I LOVE it!

All in all, even though >>>EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED<<<  truly I love what I do more today than I did one year ago. I love it so much that I decided to take a hiatus from college, which I was doing full time while selling Lularoe. I really love what we are doing here at Piphany and see so much potential as a Piphany Stylist. I love that we are still ground floor, and the company is ran by true business professionals. I FINALLY love what I do again!

If you made it to this point and are interested in learning more about the Piphany Stylist business opportunity, here's join here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/piphanyprospectiveconsultantinfo

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