Going from a part time to full time Piphany Stylist. My surprise Piphany story!

Jamie Ward

When I first started selling direct sales clothing online (Over two years ago for Lularoe), it was intended to be a part-time gig to make a little extra cash while going to school and my kids were still little. It was "supposed" to be a temporary thing until I graduated. But as time went on, I switched companies from Lularoe to Piphany over a year ago now  (Then Honey and Lace), and one day it sort of hit me that I really enjoy selling clothing... like reeeeeeeally enjoy it.

So I decided, hey, maybe I should give Piphany a true shot and see what happens. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that this part time clothing business would morph into full time and turn into what into a career.

It's funny how life works like that sometimes. One minute you're set on your plan and then you realize that you should be taking a different turn. Life just throws curve balls at you that you don't see coming, sometimes good & sometimes bad. This... this is a good one though. And some would even say that I'm pretty good at it too.

But I couldn't do this without my amazing customers and my team. I am so thankful for the strong women in my life that support me on this amazing Piphany journey of mine. Without them I couldn't continue being a successful Piphany Stylist... but most importantly, I'm HAPPY! I love this! It's fun and I am so fortunate to feel like I am making a difference in women's lives through fashion.  Who would have thought? Not me! But I am so glad that I am doing what I'm doing today.

Check me out at campsite.bio/piphanyjmbfashions

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